Opportunities and how we can help

The majority of Church buildings are inherited from previous generations, shaped to reflect their understanding of churchmanship. ‘We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us’ (Winston Churchill) confirms that as buildings are slow to change they impose, to a greater or lesser extent, the original shaping influences upon current occupiers.
Just as the effectiveness of the buildings we occupy have a significant influence in resisting or facilitating the work of the Church it is our experience that the process of understanding this shaping influence and developing a picture of the buildings that are needed can be as significant to the life of the Church as changes to, or even development of a new building.
The design process is therefore an opportunity to review and discover. We include below some of the information and papers we use when working with Churches and we are happy to supply further and more detailed information if needed. We would suggest that any premises planning starts with a clear understanding of the nature of the Church and it’s challenges and mission strategy. This will create a picture of what is needed and can be compared with a robust assessment of any existing premises.

These are some of the things we work with Churches to achieve:

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