Worship spaces lie at the heart of the life of the Church community are the most obvious and significance example of the way in which the nature of the space and its accessibility and visibility shapes its use. The nature of the layout and furnishings will shape patterns and expressions of Worship and other uses within the space. Our understanding of gathering together as a Christian community should be reflected and facilitated by the space.

The layout and furnishings are a significant theological statement, and sometimes combine to create a spiritual and thin place, and the need to maintain relevance will always be held in careful balance with the embedded family and community memories and the historical and architectural significance of the space. This is where we find the occasional need, and general risk of becoming stewards of a memorial to the past. Through our seeking to redefine these spaces, Churches also need to find ways of telling our story through images and responses and sharing the spiritual space with the community.

This and other related aspects of this messages are explored in the Commodity, Firmness and Delight paper and other information in the Opportunities section of the website.